Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013

More than just Pass/Fail

One thing that always seemed strange to me with existing test management tools such as TestLink was the "Pass/Fail" model. Can a test really just pass or fail? That depends how you structure your tests, but when I want to conduct things like scenario or usability testing and save the results "pass/fail" is inappropriate. A much better scale would be "good/bad/fatal".

That's why Quality Spy now comes with completely customizable result types.

Obviously, the first step is customizing your result types. This can be done for every project:

After you have done that, you can assign schemes as the default for the project or for a certain test suite. For example I can create a test suite for usability tests and assign the appropriate schema:

 That's it. After that you can execute the tests as usual:

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